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  Born on November 6 in San Juan P.R. and raise in Toa Baja, Levittown. At the age of 5 he started having an interest in music by learning how to play the piano only by ear. Having no music knowledge what so ever he grabs a guitar and continued his interests in music. His parents notice his skills and place him with a music instructor. He learns a lot about the essence of music and continued his journey in other aspects of it. At the age of 13 he was offered a spot in a school band playing the trumpet, trombone, tuba & drums. At age of 18 he was more interested in being a radio announcer. He worked, as a “freelance” in a few of them but music, was in his blood and he start “djing”. Making a fusion between “Mcing” & "Djing” he got a lot of respect in the Night Clubs industry playing in clubs and pub’s like: St Mick’s, Area 51, Island Jamaica, Club Babylon, Shannon’s Pub to name a few. But he wanted to expand to a different crowd and that’s went he start working in an entertainment company. In 2002 he started playing at Wedding’s, quinceañeros, bar mitzvah and rocking each one of them. With his “Mcing & Djing” skills he kept the attention of Event’s/Wedding’s Coordinator’s who ask him to play in all sorts events. In 2006 he started his own company call Big J Music Services with the help of his family, friends and all the coordinators who supported him. Today he is one of the best Club/Wedding /dj/mc on the island.

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